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February 16, 2006

Calm Down, It'll Be OK...

There are three kinds of travelers. I see them in the airport, on the bus, and on trains. I see one type EVERYDAY on the bus, and they drive me NUTS!

First I'll start with the type that I am. I am the experienced, easy-going, allow-enough-time traveler. I make sure that I'm where I need to be on time, allowing extra time if i feel it's necessary. If I don't get to my destination on time, I realize it's out of my hands. I don't panic.

The second type is the type that doesn't annoy me too much. This type is way too relaxed when traveling. They think that have it all figured out and don't expect things to go wrong and end up missing their planes, missing their bus stops, or miss key information. I last saw this kind of traveler on A&E's show Airline. The show "Airline" features Southwest airlines and the good and the bad and the weird of the airline industry. The last episode I saw, a guy was complaining because he missed his flight, even though we was sitting right by the gate. He was pissed that the airline wouldn't help him out because he didn't hear the announcement to board. DUDE! Put down your paper and pay attention, look at a clock once in a while, and don't get pissed at other for your mistake.

The third kind of traveler kills me. Actually, they're so anal, they may end up killing themselves. These are the people that start lining up to board the plane as the plane is pulling up to the gate to let other passengers off. These are the people that I see everyday on the bus pull the stop-request cord repeatedly until they see the sign light up. In Ann Arbor, the worst that going to happen if they miss their stop is that they will have to walk an extra block... seriously?!? These are the people that start prying to open the doors of the subway before it has completely stopped. All of you, STOP! You're stressing me out. I try not to pay attention to you, but I see you and I hear you. You're stressing the driver out, and s/he is the one controlling your fate. Calm down, it'll be OK.

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Posted by mldarby at February 16, 2006 09:26 AM


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