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February 01, 2006

The City of Detroit...

I'm not this negative, but I don't want the Steelers to win. They've won so many championships in their history, the city of Seattle has one... an NBA championship. I really could care less if Jerome Bettis is from Detroit (Hey media, stop forgetting that Larry Foote is from Detroit). Detroit is still a horrible, horrible city, despite what some may say. They cleaned up and painted only the area outsiders will see (read: downtown and I-94 between DTW and downtown). Sure the downtown area is OK and has been improved, but almost all of the residential areas are poor, crime-ridden, and run-down. Want to find a good "part of Detroit"? Go to the 'burbs. Detroit's public transportation needs a major overhaul, which will never happen because 'we' obviously want people to drive as many cars as they can at one time.

My top 10 best things about the city of Detroit:
1. The Redwings (Sorry Pistons, you're in Auburn Hills... good call!)
2. Comerica Park
3. Ford Field
4. The RenCen
5. Its Origin/History
6. Access to Canada
7. Casinos that keep us from having to travel up north or to Vegas
8. UDM
9. Tigers pre-1990
10. Lions (Only because they are an NFL team)
Honorable mention: Greektown (eh, no big deal), Detroit River (Only half ours), Campus Maritus (too new to know if it's worth the money spent yet), THIS (Because it makes me laugh out loud!)

My top 10 best in Detroit is kind of sad, but so is the city of Detroit.

Posted by mldarby at February 1, 2006 10:49 PM


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