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March 02, 2006


Since I need to explain yesterday's blog to one person, maybe I should explain it to everyone. I was making fun of myself. Since I am not religious, every year I keep forgetting that it is Ash Wednesday when it is Ash Wednesday. So, all day long yesterday (like every year), I kept wanting to tell people that they had something on their face or I kept staring to try to figure out what it was.

For the part that I retracted, again, since I'm not religious, I wasn't part of this rather large amount of people I saw all over the place with ash on their foreheads. Therefore, I was not part of the group. But really, I don't care that I'm not part of this group of people.

If that doesn't clear it up, please let me know if any of you still find it offensive.

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Posted by mldarby at March 2, 2006 07:50 AM


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