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April 07, 2006

Welcome to Detroit...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! This makes me laugh too.

Welcome to Detroit.

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April 05, 2006


We have a new blog site at work (HERE) which has inspired me to take a look at where I am in my life as someone who graduated not to long ago. I'm also going to milk saying, "I graduated not too long ago" until it becomes, "I graduated a long time ago." So, this inspiration drove me to write this...

When I was an undergrad there was a person in one of my groups of friends who was old. He had switched majors 2-3 times and had gone to school for about 6 years (I hope I'm remembering this correctly). Even though he was 2-3 years older than the rest of us (yes, even me) he still hung out with us, went to the bar, went to parties and related. I feel like he's my inspiration for where I'm socially at in my life right now. Obviously, I'm not still in school, but I still have friends who are, and so I go with them to the bar, I DJ their parties, I go to parties with them, and hang out with them and their friends. Yeah, they make fun of me for being "old," but I know my place. I know who and what I am.

When I think about where I'm at right now, I'm happy with it. A lot of times, when people leave school, the thing they miss the most isn't class, isn't living in the dorm, and isn't studying all night... it's the social part that they miss the most (The real world can hit hard). So, I feel like I've found that great middle ground. I'm making a living, I'm learning skills to use throughout my working life, but I'm able to maintain that social aspect of college that so many people lose after graduation.

Right now, I've got a good balance.

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April 02, 2006

The Abbreviated Version...

18 days later... here's another blog! So, you might be asking, "Matt Darby, where the hell have you been!?" And I would answer, "The upper midwest," without blinking an eye.

On March 20th, my dad flew into DTW and I picked him up and my mom came to Ann Arbor because they were going to stay in my apartment while I was gone from the 21st thru the 24th. Where did I go? Well, on the 21st we had an event for work in Chicago and on the 23rd we had an event in Minneapolis... and three of us drove to them!

The morning of the 21st we took of for Chitown. When we got in, we had time to eat and change and then it was off to have the event. The event went well, all was good. After the event, I met up with 3 friends and went out until late. Luckily for me, I have a great boss who knew I was going out and didn't make me get up at the crack of dawn to drive to Minneapolis. As always, going out in Chicago was fun, the bars were a little dead on that Tuesday night, but still fun.

So, Wednesday morning came and it was off to Minneapolis. We stopped for lunch in Madison and I saw a great view of the Madison skyline which was cool. I then drove all the way from Madison to Minneapolis... and straight to the Mall of America. I'd always heard a lot about the Mall, but I'd never been there. My thoughts... "Eh, no big whoop." I liked the indoor amusement park, but the mall part was just like two regular malls put together. It's not that I had any expectations, but I wasn't overly impressed.

Thursday, we had to check out of the hotel way before our event. So, it was back to the Mall of America. Then we had our event, which was being held at the University of Minnesota's alumni center (Awesome building!). The cool part of having the event there is that there was a banquet for the Women's Frozen Four going on at the U of Minn. So, there were speeches and highlight films. It was really interesting. I kept thinking to myself, there's not many people who will ever see this, and I'm seeing it now. (Side note: I was running our registration table which was in the lobby of the building. The lobby doubled as a large banquet room, thus I got to see all of Frozen Four banquet).

So, after our event, approx 9:30CST, it was off to Baraboo, WI (outside of Madison). We had to go there after our event because there were no hotel rooms left in Minneapolis/St. Paul because of NCAA basketball games and the Women's Frozen Four and whatever else. So, we got into Baraboo around 12:30am (Exhausted!).

The next morning, crack of dawn on Friday, we left for Ann Arbor and I drove the whole way back. All-in-all it was a fun/successful trip.

At this point, you might think, "Wow, well at least you had the weekend to recover and rest." Oh, no, you'd be wrong because that weekend was Dance Marathon. The Marathon is 30 hours long. I DJed 17 hours and helped with clean-up afterwards. This year at Dance Marathon I had the highlight of my DJing career! Every year at the Marathon they have an hour of dance party. Where everyone comes together on the dance floor and dances and goes nuts for an hour in the middle of the night. Really, I can't even describe it, but it was just crazy and so much fun.

After that week and that weekend, I got to spend a week at work playing catch-up and getting things back to normal. That is still a work in progress.

Sorry I took so long to update, but that's where I've been and what I've been doing... and that was the abbreviated version!

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