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July 31, 2006


It's hot today. So hot in fact, that the heat came into the office building, and well, by 2:30 it was 86 degrees in my office and 92 degrees in another office. I was sweating just typing an email. So, this sucked, but as a nice surprise, we were allowed to go home early and tomorrow we get to wear shorts if we so choose. I choose, I choose!

So, I went home and dinked around in the pool for about an hour.


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July 30, 2006

Wet shoes...

I still like playing in creeks. Like this one, Fleming Creek in A2. I tried to walk on the rocks to get across but only ended up with wet shoes!

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What fun is it to write about them...

I know I spend a lot of time on my blog ranting about people, but I think I get more and more amazed by the rudeness, lack of common sense, and unawreness of others that I see just about everytime I'm anywhere.

For example, today I'm at the grocery store and there are two "lanes of traffic" going up and down the aisles. So, what makes some dude think he is so above this process that he'd stop to get something off a shelf and not move his cart out of the way?

In another aisle, I saw the perfect example of what to do and what not to do. The what-to-do part... I turn down the aisle, and there looks to be a family of 5 crowded around one shelf to find what they are looking for. They barely take up half of one of the "lanes of traffic" between the 5 of them and their cart. Great! Thank you. In the same aisle, 10 feet away, there are two college-aged girls basically blocking the aisle. They parked their cart in the middle of the aisle and one girl was on one side and the other girl was at the shelf on the other side. Huh!?! Really!? And I was one of 3 people trying to get by. They were either being rude, clueless, or didn't use their collective common sense.

It really sucks that the bad people seem to amass more of the population than the good. Don't get me wrong, there are good people out there, but what fun is it to write about them?

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July 28, 2006

I'm ready for some football!

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July 27, 2006

15 Years of DJing...

One last push at this DJing thing I've been doing for 10 years now. Before I explain, a quick history. In Jr. High I was obsessed with radio. I'd call in a lot to try to get on the air, make requests, blah blah blah. I then tried, using CDs and a tape recorder, to recreate the weekend mixes that pop radio stations play, we're talking 1992-3 here. Then I got good at making those tapes and would make them for parties I used to have in my basement in High School. Then, with a little bit of experimenting, I actually started using two CD-players and a mixer and making the songs flow into one another. A few High School dances, wedding receptions, college house/frat parties, and charity gigs later, and here we are. I feel like I've done it all, weddings, birthdays, charities, parties, radio, but I'm missing the experience of DJing in a bar or club.

I know I'm not as good as some of those guys in the good dance clubs, and I never pretend I am that good. I feel I am good enough to DJ at a bar (In Ann Arbor, read this as Rick's, Touchdowns, Scorekeepers, but not the Necto or Millenium Club).

So, today's the day I start the new push. I'm on the verge of putting about $1-2000 into new equipment. I'm about to go around to various bars to introduce myself and see if they have any DJ needs coming up. Really, what's the harm in asking, right? I know that if I do get turned down, I'm going to have a ton of huse parties to do this coming school year. Those parties are my staple, that's what I love to do when DJing. Given the chance, though, I'd want to DJ in a bar or club.

So, let the push begin (Push the button, play a song?). Maybe soon, I'll be talking about 15 years of DJing.

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July 26, 2006

WTF for 7/26/06

My WTF for today is Shakey Jake. Personally, I don't really care who he is or what his background is, but for those of you who don't know, he's an Ann Arbor staple who you can find anywhere around Ann Arbor at anytime playing his guitar. Is he homeless? Did he used to be some kind of local rock/blues god? My WTF with him is the recent buzz about him (I guess I'm creating more of it now). First of all, when Art Fair was going on, I overheard one woman telling another that she was excited because she "heard Shakey Jake play over on Main Street." Then I read online that there is a push to get him 'wikied' on Wikipedia. Then yesterday I saw a bumper sticker that said, "I brake for Jake" and had a charicature of Shakey himself. Today, I find this!

So, why all the buzz. really, in my opinion, he's just a street performer. Not that good, not that bad, but relatively entertaining, but does he need to be an Ann Arbor icon, WTF!?

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July 25, 2006

I need a nap...

So, last night I had a very timely *sarcastic* dose of insomnia which caused me to call in 'sick' to work today. Granted, I'm not really sick, but it's times like this that make you realize how important sleep is to functioning in every day life. And I don't really get it. I was exhausted all day Sunday, I was dragging pretty bad yesterday. So, I thought I would be able to get to sleep with no problem at a respectable time last night. Apparently, my body had other ideas.

I guess, if I have to find a silver lining to this cloud, it's that insomnia, to this extent, rarely gets to me. I think December was the last time I had this happen. Or maybe I need to take a trip down to the U of M Sleep Institute (there is one, isn't there?)

With the insomnia and all this typing, I need a nap.

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July 24, 2006

I Was Cool in High School...

For those of you who have only known me since 1999 and on, you may have thought at one time or another, "This guy's kinda nuts, but fun" or something to that extent. I just recieved a message that reminded me that I've almost always been that way, and will prove the same to you.

From a former high school classmate...

I ran across some old mixed tapes you made me....oh some great tunes, it made me smile. It also reminded me of the time in your van on the way home from a volleybally playoff game when you acted out the words to "I believe I can fly" and when it came to the part "open door" you flung your door open as you were driving down the road. Don't know why but I don't think I'll ever forget that!

Yes, once again proving, I was cool in high school.

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Blogging For My Own Protection...

So, I'm going to try to turn over a new blogging-leaf, if you will.

Basically, I'm just going to try to post something every day. Somedays, it might be one sentence. I figure, since I'm the only one in America without a reality TV show (I like to exaggerate), this is the closest I'll get.

Plus, I figure, if I disappear, people will be able to figure out where I am because of clues in my posts. Really, I'm blogging for my own protection.

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Refrain From Using Such a Word...

Most of my blogs have been rants or stories. This one is a request. Many of my friends are having birthdays this summer. When your birthday comes along and you turn 21, 22, 23, 24, or 25, DO NOT say you are getting "old". You have no idea how that makes people on the bad side of 25 feel. At the very least, when you are about to utter the "o" word, think about who's in your presence. If it's me, refrain from using such a word.

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July 20, 2006

WTF for 7/20/06

Everything at Art Fair, but specifically the non-profit booths. Nothing says Ann Arbor like the Islamic booth next to the Planned Parenthood booth next to the Nudist booth across from the Stop Genocide booth which is diagonal from the Roman-Catholic Church booth (I don't think that last one should be non-profit).

I walked through this area last night and actually started laughing out loud when I saw some of the booths that were next to one another.

Good times.

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How 9/11 affects Lake Odessa...

So, apparently last Saturday, Lake Odessa held a...

...mock-emergency response exercise. The scenario was of a train which contained hazardous materials derailed by terrorists.

The participants, even the supposed victims, were “enthusiastic,” said Central Dispatch Director Bill Charon, and for their volunteer efforts were fed hot dogs and sloppy joes by the American Red Cross.

My first thought is, "Thank goodness someone is actually doing this!" I mean, LO is a hotbed for terror cells. If ever terrorists want to put all that time and effort into killing the 10s of infadels they would get by derailing a train in Lake Odessa, the joke is really on them.

My second thought is, "I went to a terror-training drill and a community picnic broke out. Yipee!"

But thank you, LOPD, you have truly used tax payer dollars to the best of your abilities. Have you located my friend's bike that was stolen in 1988 yet!?

Just another example of how 9/11 affects Lake Odessa.

(Quote is from the Ionia Sentinel)

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July 13, 2006

A couple of people...

Random observations of people...

This first one, could be one of my WTFs, but we'll give her a pass. There's a woman that I've seen a few times who runs around Burns Park for exercise. No big deal right? Ok, here the thing, first of all, she's usually running in nice clothes. I wouldn't call them business clothes, but I'd say that they are on the same level as khakis and a polo for guys. Everytime I see her I think, go to the store and buy some sweatpants and a t-shirt! The other odd thing she does, is that she runs her path, no matter what. I've seen her run though the middle of a group of people, two people playing catch with a baseball, and the shallow part of the outfield (like 2 feet from the infield) of a little league baseball game repeatedly. Do you ever see someone and think to yourself, "they just don't get it"? This woman doesn't get it.

People on my 8am are weird (that's why I fit in, right?). So, a few blogs below this, you can read about the smokies that ride that bus. Well, there's also the most anal-retentive guy on this bus too. He gets to the bus stop at about the same time I do, maybe like 2-3 minutes before the bus comes. Most people, around the busstop, kind of just hang out. They sit on the bench, lean up against the shelter, stand around. This guy makes sure to stand front and center to where the bus is going to pull up, and everyday he stands there with his hands behind his back, with his bag in his hands, and constantly looks around himself. I don't know if he thinks someone is going to come up and push him into traffic or if he's just looking to see if anyone is laughing at him (oh, we are laughing). OK, so we get on the bus, ride, blah blah blah, then he gets off the bus at the same stop as me. As soon as we go by the stop prior to mine, without fail, he pulls the cord for the stop request, then walks to the font of the bus, even if he's closer the to back exit, and stands right at the door, ready to exit. He's one of those people that just make you nervous... he makes you feel like you're going to miss your stop if you don't get ready too!

Anyway, maybe you had to be there, but that's just my obversation of a couple of people.

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July 11, 2006

WTF for 7/11/06

So, I could've written this one at any time over the last couple of years.

I've seen a lot of funky cars here in A2. From a car with plastic dinosaurs glued all over it, to a three-wheeled car. Today, though, I had yet another encounter with the pimped-out hearse... that is someone's normal, everyday car!!

What do I mean when I say "pimped-out"? It's not a normal black hearse, no, this one is grey. Oh, and I forgot to mention, it has orange windows. ORANGE windows! Oh my god, I wish I could find a picture of it to put up on here. Maybe I'll snap one of my own. But wow, I get a little freaked out whenever I cross paths with it.

That's my Ann Arbor, WTF moment for today.

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July 09, 2006

Detroit sports...

I'm now having weekly strokes due to what's going on with my pro sports teams in Detroit. The Tigers are on top!?!? Don't get me wrong, I'm very excited to see the Tigers competitive and with the best record in the league. It takes me back to when they used to have yearly battles with the Blue Jays for the last playoff spot (Post-1987, pre-1994). But I was getting so used to the Tigers sucking it up, I don't know what to make of this new brand of Tigers team. I think I can feel a vein explode, both from excitement and disbelief, in my brain everytime they say on SportsCenter that the Tigers are in first!

Next cause of brain spasms, Stevie retiring. We all new it was going to happen. But if it had happened 3 years ago, like it probably should have, I wouldn't have this feeling like he was robo-Stevie and was just going to keep coming back until he died. And if he died, he probably would have found a way to remain the captain and take at least one draw from center. I feel honored to have seen him play (and to have almost stepped on one of his kids), but it's hard to think of next season without him.

So, Stevie retires, that's enough right... no. Then Ben Wallace decides he's had enough of the Pistons and goes to Chicago. I'm not mad he went to one of the Pistons' rivals teams, I'm just mad he left at all. He was the face, the personality, the defense, and the hair of the Pistons for the entirety of their recent upswing. I won't be able to watrch when the Pistons play the Bulls, it'll just be depressing to see Ben in a different jersey.

OK, two major stars in Detroit sports have left us. Can we stop that now? Oh wait, NO! Christ. Today I read this. Are you kidding me!? He went to a team that was offering him less money than the Redwings. The team that's been his for years, the team that got his name etched on the Stanley Cup, the team that he would now be sole captain of, he just left it!?

So, what's going to be next? At least it's just the pro teams. If something major kept happening to my Wolverines, I might actually be in the hospital (so, what, I'm overdramatic).

So, my predictions as to what might happen next to break the hearts of Detroit sports fans...

1. Barry Sanders comes out of retirement and signs with Green Bay only to help them win a Super Bowl.
2. Joey Harrington leads Miami to a Super Bowl championship.
3. Chauncey, RIP, and Tayshaun all buy out their own contracts and follow Ben to Chicago.
4. There's a clubhouse brawl between Kenny Rogers, Pudge, Carols Guillen, and Maggio Ordonez and they all decide to leave the Tigers.
5. Mike Illitch picks up the Redwings and moves them to Cleveland.

2006, a weird year for Detroit sports.

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Soup fans...

Soup Nazis beware. Meijer, this means you. I usually buy my groceries at Meijer... and once in a while at Kroger. Soup (I'm a huge fan of soup) usually ranges from $2-$2.89 per can of Campbell's Chunky and Progresso soups at each store when it's not on sale.

So, yesterday I was in Target to find some random things I needed. I forgot that Target now sells groceries. I deceided to wander thru the grocery aisles and see what was what. I looked at Target's soup prices. Depending on the soup, they were a full $0.50-$1 less than Meijer and Kroger!!! I was so happy/shocked that I bought 15 cans of soup.

Conclusion: Target is the place for soup fans.

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July 07, 2006

Get myself back on track...

I've been sucking at work lately. It took a random case of miscommunication (yet to be cleared up) for me to realize this. But I don't know how to make myself unsuck, besides putting in extra time.

Really it boils down to feeling swamped by my work load all of the time, but not really ever being that swamped! I don't know if it's just a disorganization thing, a physical factor (being tired, sick, or something), or if I'm getting bored with my job.

When I stop and think about it, I really do like what I do, where I work, and who I work with. So, it's hard for me to believe that I'm getting bored with the job.

I'm not really sure it could be a physical factor. I've been working out lately, I've been getting at least 6-9 hours of sleep every night, I've been working on eating healthier.

I am slightly disorganized at work, and it's something I want to work on, but I'm not any more disorganized than I ever have been, or that I am at home. I function pretty well at home.

Anyway, I don't get it, but I really want the sucking at work to stop. I want to do well for our alumni, my boss, and for myself. I take pride in my work and the effort I put in and the results that come from it.

Why couldn't I make $50,000 a year working behind the front desk at a golf course? Is that too much to ask?

Until that happens, I'll keep working to get myself back on track.

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July 06, 2006

WTF Moment (7/6/06)

So, I've told a lot of people that one of the things I love about A2 is that everyday I have a WTF moment. I'll give you an example of a recent one, then one I had today, and then I'll try to post them from now on...

Previously, I was riding my bike out in the neighborhoods between Packard and Washtenaw (west of Burns Park). I came up on a lot on some random street. It looked like someone built a house in the middle of some small words... ok, cool. As I get closer I see a wire fence blocking off a small area of the front 'yard'. I get closer, only to see that there was a life-size, white porcelin horse within that wire-fence pen. Has the horse run away before?

So, today, I was on my way to lunch at Afternoon Delight. Walking down Liberty from State Street, and a car turns from State onto Libery. Hanging from the cieling, in the backseat of the car... a plastic skeleton. What the F***!? Thus, it was my WTF moment for 7/6/06.

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Thank you

To the white-trash girls who get on the bus every morning... When you get on the bus, listen for a second. Hear that? That's the sound of quiet. When one word makes you think of a song, I believe the trigger word was "sign" this morning, there is no need to serenede the whole bus. We are not quiet on the bus because we are stunned by your beauty, aroma, or rock-star-like personality. We are quiet because it's morning, and it's the polite thing to do on public transportation. For those of us who do talk, we use our indoor voices. Do you remember in 4th grade being told to use your indoor voices? Of course, maybe I'm assuming too much, maybe you didn't graduate from 3rd grade yet.

As for the smell. I understand you smoke. Fine, whatever. But this is beyond smelling like smoke. Are you using a new Chanel Smoke Perfume? Or do you only smoke in your closet or underneath your dresser?

Thank you.

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Back at it

So, I had a nice few months off from blogging, but now I'm back at it.

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