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July 09, 2006

Soup fans...

Soup Nazis beware. Meijer, this means you. I usually buy my groceries at Meijer... and once in a while at Kroger. Soup (I'm a huge fan of soup) usually ranges from $2-$2.89 per can of Campbell's Chunky and Progresso soups at each store when it's not on sale.

So, yesterday I was in Target to find some random things I needed. I forgot that Target now sells groceries. I deceided to wander thru the grocery aisles and see what was what. I looked at Target's soup prices. Depending on the soup, they were a full $0.50-$1 less than Meijer and Kroger!!! I was so happy/shocked that I bought 15 cans of soup.

Conclusion: Target is the place for soup fans.

Posted by mldarby at July 9, 2006 01:51 PM


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