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July 06, 2006

WTF Moment (7/6/06)

So, I've told a lot of people that one of the things I love about A2 is that everyday I have a WTF moment. I'll give you an example of a recent one, then one I had today, and then I'll try to post them from now on...

Previously, I was riding my bike out in the neighborhoods between Packard and Washtenaw (west of Burns Park). I came up on a lot on some random street. It looked like someone built a house in the middle of some small words... ok, cool. As I get closer I see a wire fence blocking off a small area of the front 'yard'. I get closer, only to see that there was a life-size, white porcelin horse within that wire-fence pen. Has the horse run away before?

So, today, I was on my way to lunch at Afternoon Delight. Walking down Liberty from State Street, and a car turns from State onto Libery. Hanging from the cieling, in the backseat of the car... a plastic skeleton. What the F***!? Thus, it was my WTF moment for 7/6/06.

Posted by mldarby at July 6, 2006 01:10 PM


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