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August 21, 2006

Change is surreal...

A surreal weekend it was.

I kind of explained it a couple of blogs ago. I went to a wedding reception for a friend (Becky) I haven't seen in 5-6 years. I'll be honest, I walked in the door and I was nervous, more than I thought I would be. Would anyone remember me? Did anyone drastically change? Have I drastically changed? So, I nervously walked in the door, signed the guestbook, looked up and got a huge hug from the Becky's mom. Now that's a welcome to soothe the soul!

Not only did Becky's mom and the others remember me, but they seemed excited to see me. Unreal. Becky, who I first new when she was in 8th grade was in her wedding dress and pregnant. Unreal. Her sister, Nicole, who I used to have a crush on way-back in the day and who I last saw in 2000 was there with her 2-yr old son. Unreal! Luckily, I was fortunate enough to spend about 15 minutes just sitting and talking with Becky, catching up, and remembering the old times. Sadly, Nicole's son was injured and she had to leave to take care of him, so I didn't have the same opportunity to catch up with her. All-in-all, the whole experience was one of those things I never thought I would get into, but I feel like I came away with renewed friendships.

After the wedding reception, I met up with a couple other 'old' friends, Andrea and Amanda. Sadly, Andrea couldn't stick around long (plus I took more time than I planned at the wedding reception), but Amanada, who I haven't talked to in years, and I had a lot of time to catch up.

I had a great time with everyone, and I can't wait for the next opportunity to see any or all of them. It's weird that after all this time, I was able to fall right back into my friendships. The saying is that "You can't go home again." Saturday night proved that saying wrong. You can go home again, but you have to expect that things change. Even though it's expected, change is surreal.

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