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August 27, 2006

DJ Styles reporting...

Just a DJing update.

Friday night I got to use ALL of my new equipment for the first time. The only problem was my amp overheated twice. I think I may have caused that, and will be ready for the nex time I use it.

The party on Friday was 1990s-themed. Holy hell, that was fun! I played a lot of random music. Music I really haven't played since high school! It was a damn good time... until the cops came and broke it up at 1:30. Bummer.

Saturday I was back at Gotham. The night started a little slow, but I realized it was slow in the whole building, not just my dance floor. Whew! However, it was really busy from midnight to 1:30. At the end of the night, I got one of those signs that I know everyone was having fun... the people booed me when I announced last song. Haha, I never mind being booed, but this is the best booing because it means they want more. Oh well, to them I say, "Come back out next week."

And that was this weekend in entertainment. For Mblog, DJ Styles reporting. :)

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