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August 15, 2006

Growing up and growing older...

Yeah, it was too good to be true... a second blog in one day.

I recently realized that I screwed up. I screwed up bad. Slowly, I'm in the process of reconnecting with people that I haven't talked to in a very long time. I screwed up, it shouldn't have been such a long time. So, now, I get news... good news, bad news, weird news, expected news, and unexpected news about the people that I lost touch with. People I lost touch with for no good reason. And the news hits me, it hits hard. I don't know why. I mean, I guess when you lose touch with someone, they stay frozen as that last image you have of them. So, when a whirlwind of good and bad and normal changes happens over the course of time, it seems like instant change.

I screwed up. As much as it was their responsibility to stay in touch with me, it was my resposibility to stay in touch with them. I screwed up, I didn't uphold my responsibilities.

Is this just part of growing up and growing older?

Posted by mldarby at August 15, 2006 05:13 PM


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