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August 17, 2006

The games begin...

Hooray for Jackson, Michigan.... *cough*

Not really, but hooray for taking Thursday and Friday off. I've got a pretty weird next few days coming up.

Today, I'm going to Jackson to go to lunch and go to a winery with my parents and my Danish ex-girlfriend's parents. They're in the country for vacation and stopped by for a few days.

Tomorrow, I have the day off and will be around my apt., but I'll be just doing random weekend things (think laundry, etc.) because I'll be gone Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday, I'm going with my parents and the Danes to the Danish Festival in Greenville, MI. That festival is really kinda crappy. And when you know Danish people, and you've been to Denmark, it's really just an embarassment. Nevertheless, my mom wants to go to show them. The best part, at least, is all the food.

Saturday gets weirder. Backstory: I recently reconnected with a high school friend over myspace who I haven't seen in, oh, about 6 years. Well, she just got married and invited me to come by the wedding reception in Lansing. So, I'm so going to go! I haven't seen her or her sister in so long. It's weird, but I'm excited to see them and nervous all at the same time. I'm not really sure where the nervousness is coming from... I guess you never know how people have changed, or how you've changed.

After a stop-in at the wedding reception, I'm going out to a bar in Lansing with a couple more friends from high school. Though it's hard to call one person 'a friend from high school' because she and I have actually kept in touch over the years. Then back to my parents' house.

Sunday I'll probably hang out with the folks for a while and comeback to A2 at some point.

Well, that's about it for now, plus I gotta head off to Jackson. Woo, Jackson! ugh. Let the games begin.

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