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August 08, 2006

Weekend and two days...

Wow! I gotta get caught up here. So much has happened recently.

Friday night I went out with some people to 8-Ball and Circus/Millennium Club/Cavern Club/Gotham City. We played pool up in Circus, and later on that night everyone decided to leave, accept I stayed back to feel out the scene at Millennium Club. At the end of the night, as the place was closing, I went a talked with the DJ. Well, he then introduced me to the owner/manager. After talking with him for about 15 mins, he asked me to come in the next night to DJ at Gotham City!!! Sweet!

Saturday I got all my stuff together, updated my music, loaded up the car and I was to the club by 7:30. I thought the set-up for the night was going to be band in Cavern, DJ in Millenium and me in Gotham. As it turned out, the other DJ wasn't coming, so I was the only dancefloor. So, I had a good crowd and it was a great time!

Sunday, dad came to AA and we went to the Tigers game and watched a somewhat boring 1-0 win by the Tigers. It was the first time I saw them win live in about 3-4 years! Thank god the losing streak is over! ha.

Sunday night, I was going to make an appearance at a friends birthday party. Well, the appearance ended up being about 2+ hours and involved going to the bar. But it was hella fun, and I didn't have to get up super-early on Monday because...

Monday, wasn't a real day of work. We had a "team retreat" at my boss's house. Free breakfast, free lunch, some discussion and brainstorming, followed by 2 hours of bowling! Best. Team. Retreat. Ever.

Monday evening I lost all my money... but in a good way. I ended up making the first major upgrade to my DJ equipment ever! I went into the store in Warren, gave them some $$ and I came away with some sweet stuff! I almost look professional now... huh!? After spending money on that, I met up with Sarah and spent more money at dinner. Good times, good times.

Today, Tuesday, after work, I came home, tried out all my new equipment, and even took pictures of it.

Needless to say, I had a great weekend and two days.

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