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September 12, 2006

My Double-life...

I don't know how some dudes are able to have two girlfriends or have a wife and a mistress, or in some weird cases have two wives/families.

This is my thought as I'm finding it more and more difficult to lead my double-life, 9-5er and DJ.

The DJing has been picking up. Again, DJing is not a job, it doesn't pay the bills, but it's a hobby that I love doing. Work is my bread and butter (as in it allows me to buy bread and butter).

The management becomes difficult when work has me do things on the weekends and when DJing has me doing things on weekdays. Tough call.

Right now I'm gonna roll with them both and make the best out of both. It'll take some effort, but if I can find the rhythm for both, I'll be all good. And on with my double-life...

Posted by mldarby at September 12, 2006 04:25 PM


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