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October 19, 2006

A Victim...

I just saw these links on cnn.com...

Priest tells of nudity with Foley | Video

At first, I laughed out loud, because out of context, I read it as video of the preist being naked with Foley... I didn't really want to see that.

But then I started to think about this "scandal". I don't care what from Congressman Foley's past drove him to write inappropriate IMs to underage DC pages. The fact is that he still did it, and I don't want these stories coming out that make Foley look like a victim here.

Just because many in the Nazi party were brainwashed to believe in Hitler's vision, doesn't make them less guilty for murdering people. They still killed people, and at that point, they are no longer the victims.

Sorry, Congressman Foley, but once you began inappropriate behavior with underage children, then the title of victim was replaced by criminal. Nothing will ever make me sorry for anyone who egages in any kind of sexual behavior (real or virtual; physical or verbal) with minors. You just lost your right to be a victim.

Posted by mldarby at October 19, 2006 12:53 PM


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