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December 02, 2006


What to write about? I realize that I haven't written in a while, so I kinda feel like I should. I guess I can just recap some things.

Probably number one in my mind has been U of M football for so many reasons. I wrote about my personal Bo memory. Beyond that, two games that impact the team are being played later today (or, since I haven't go to bed yet... tomorrow). For the third year in a row, I've gone to the Football Bust.. or banquet. It was fun as usual, got to hob-nob a little, got to represent the Alumni Association, and got to have another one of those moments where I was experiencing something that I felt like I had no right to experience. Yeah, I'm a grad of U of M and I work for U of M and I'm a huge U-M sports fan, but it just seems like this is the kind of event that big-timers or family should only be at. Yet, there I was. I don't completely know why I feel I shouldn't have been there, but that feeling lingers.

Another thing weighing on my mind recently is DJing. After quitting Millennium/Cavern (I'm still glad I did, don't get me wrong), I was hoping my friends would come up with some gigs for me. Obviously they'd be free gigs (DJing is still about the fun, not the money, to me). The problem is that I see on facebook that people I know and/or friends are going to parties and such, but I never hear that they tried to get me into the party to DJ it. I know they do, when I ask them to ask the party hosts, but I wish I didn't have to prompt it all the time. Oh well, word of mouth has gotten me this far...

My "love" life is also on my mind. Actually the lack of it is on my mind. It's weird, I've never found it so difficult to either get a date or generate a little interest from the opposite sex. I'm batting .000 here and I'm not sure I can find the batter's box anymore. That was a metaphor for having some "game", not anything sexual... ya perverts.

There are some health things on my mind too. One with my mom and one with a friend. I don't need to get into it because I'm sure they'll both be fine. But they're a couple of things that I've been thinking about.

I'll end it here, and I'll TRY to update more often, especially since I know about 4 of you read this. Later :)

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