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April 13, 2008

More than a year...

More than a year, and I still have nothing to say?
Haha, not so fast.

I've been thinking about this almost all day. After a year since my last blog, what do I come back with?

I thought about talking about traveling, football, girls, work, DJing, facebook, and even the weather.

Then I thought of something that combined a few of those topics: Dance Marathon.

I was never officially a part of this organization when I was in school, but I've felt like an associate member up until this year. This year, I felt like I was part of the UMDM family, and it was amazing. I've always respected and admired everyone who has organized this event and supported it's charity.

This year was different. I started the year with UMDM by speaking to their Central Planning Committee (CPT) on behalf of the Alumni Association. From there I started DJing their smaller events throughout the year (as I had the year before). Then I started to feel like an advisor to them. I gave them my thoughts on the Marathon itself, and they asked for my feedback.

Thoughout the year (note: when I say "year" I mean this ending school year) my close involvement paid off in other ways. It created opportunities to DJ their parties and events for other groups. It allowed for me to excel at work via speaking to other student groups that CPT members were/are involved in, and via partnering closely with UMDM for Alumni Association promo-opportunities. The Alumni Association heavily sponsored UMDM, more than in years past, and gave me the chance to have the AAUM viewed in a new light to the student body.

Case in point, I DJed 24 of the 30 hours of the Marathon, including the "rave" party part... that's a personal side. On the work side, we once again supplied shirts and glow sticks for the rave. It was great, but what really got me excited about the AAUM/UMDM partnership was this video I recently found on youtube.

It's like I asked this person to do this, but no. I just stumbled across the video, and was shocked to see my personal and work connections to UMDM come through.

The entire Marathon again did not disappoint. Emotional, impactful, fun, tiring, and just plain worth it all.

I had Lloyd Carr and Rich Rodriguez standing right next to me, the Michigan Marching Band blasting spirit at all of us, met 100s of new people, and was made to feel like I made an impact on kids' lives... the lives of both the little kids going through rehabilitation, but also of the college kids involved.

You get what you give to UMDM, and I can't wait to get back to it in the fall.

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