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June 23, 2008

Where the hell have I been???

Since my last blog a few things have happened, but the most major is that I finally evacuated from my 1-bedroom apartment and am now living in a townhouse. Still in Woodbury Gardens... ie. I'm still paying rent. But hell, it's more space and I've taken on a roommate.

After only two weeks, PK's turning out to be a kick-ass roommate, so I'm thinking this is all going to work out well. Well, let's say I'm realistically optimistic.

For those of you who haven't seen the place yet, I'll try to post pics on my facebook or on here soon.

Song currently playing: "Break Glamorous Hands" (one of my mixes)

Oh... I almost forgot my Top 5!

5. Party - We had our house-warming party on Saturday. It was fun, and I'm ready to have another... possibly bigger... one.
4. Unpacking - Yeah, almost a month later, I'm still unpacking and setting things up.
3. DJ Upgrade - I'm continuing to upgrade all of my DJ stuff and get all music onto my laptop and such.
2. NJ/JB - I'm getting ready to drive out to NJ to visit JB at the beginning of July. Too bad it means i have to do a bunch of stuff to my car... namely get an oil change, replace my cracked windshield, and possibly replace two tires.
1. Jen - Not sure what "we" are or what "it" is right now, but we have fun, and she's cool to hang out with.

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