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July 18, 2008

Art Fair

Damn! I just wrote a really long blog, and with the wrong stroke of the keys, poof, it's gone. :(

Sadly, now I'm only going to summarize.

I dislike Art Fair, the way people walk is rude. Thank you.

Top 5...
5. Amy Schumer - Comedian that I've been a fan of for a couple years, I got to see live last weekend. Awesome! Her new show on Comedy Central, "Reality Bites Back"... well, my jury is still out on it.
4. Golf Themed Parties - I'm just pumped for a party that I'm spinning at tonight.
3. Work - I feel like I recently went through a work slump, but things are good again, and I'm feeling like I'm back in control.
2. The Roommate - Just a shout out to PK for cleaning the 1/2 bath and my toilet. I didn't even ask. Awesome.
1. Elbow - I'm hoping that after my very minor surgery that I a) stop hitting that spot on my elbow causing it to hurt like hell, but also b) hope that I now stop picking at it. Gross but true.

Currently listening to Hardy's "Frequency 2008 Mix"

Posted by mldarby at July 18, 2008 12:15 PM


Amy Schumer at No.1 Possition!!! :)

Posted by: nkarlfeldt@yahoo.com at January 6, 2010 08:17 AM

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