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July 18, 2008

Art Fair

Damn! I just wrote a really long blog, and with the wrong stroke of the keys, poof, it's gone. :(

Sadly, now I'm only going to summarize.

I dislike Art Fair, the way people walk is rude. Thank you.

Top 5...
5. Amy Schumer - Comedian that I've been a fan of for a couple years, I got to see live last weekend. Awesome! Her new show on Comedy Central, "Reality Bites Back"... well, my jury is still out on it.
4. Golf Themed Parties - I'm just pumped for a party that I'm spinning at tonight.
3. Work - I feel like I recently went through a work slump, but things are good again, and I'm feeling like I'm back in control.
2. The Roommate - Just a shout out to PK for cleaning the 1/2 bath and my toilet. I didn't even ask. Awesome.
1. Elbow - I'm hoping that after my very minor surgery that I a) stop hitting that spot on my elbow causing it to hurt like hell, but also b) hope that I now stop picking at it. Gross but true.

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July 17, 2008


Waste of human life = Andy Dick

That is all.

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July 10, 2008

Catching up...

I went out to see Justin in NJ from 7/2-7/6. That was a whirlwind trip. Drive out and go to a barbeque on 7/2, go to NYC all day on 7/3, go to Philly all day on 7/4, go to the shore and bars all day on 7/5, leave to come home at 6:00am on 7/6. Whew! I'm tired just recapping.

When in NYC we went around the World Trade Center site... it was my first time. While we walked quickly around it, it still just ripped my stomach apart. When you see how big the area is, even without the huge buildings in it, you still get it. You get how big of a thing this was. Then of course my mind went political, and I got pissed that we wasted so much of our time and energy in a war that never really got back at the people who did that to us. Despite that fact it's W, it's hard to believe that our government lost focus so quickly.

I also felt angry towards the conspiracy theorists that surround this event. They have their theories about our government being behind the attack, about WTC 7's collapse, about there being bombs planted, about the rate at which the buildings fell, and more. I was angered thinking about them as we walked around the site because this was a once in a lifetime (or longer) event. There is nothing else to compare this to. We were all looking for answers on that day, and we're still looking for answers now. But to doubt and ridicule experts who are able to study these things and get to the bottom of them is absurd. Then they write books and publish websites, and create documentaries to further fuel the fire, and even to make money. When there's nothing to compare it to, my feeling is that you have to leave it up to the experts and the ones in the know to come up with the answers.

When we were finishing our loop around the site, we passed the WTC Tribute Visitors Center. I want to go back and actually go into that someday. But the reason I bring this place up is because of the waste-of-a-human-life that was selling 4"x6" pictures of the attack. Justin and I walked past him, then I think we realized what he was doing, looked at eachother, and the first thing I could say is, "I want to go back and kick that guy in the teeth." It's sick.

Everything about the trip was great, but of course it was good seeing Justin again. He summed it up perfectly in a text message by saying, "It was quite home." It's true. Hanging out with some friends makes me nostalgic for what used to be, but a handful of my friends, even those who I don't see that often, are just easy to be around.

OK, Top 5...
5. DJing Stuff - I'm continuing the upgrade process. Ripping all of my music onto the laptop take a lot of time! Also, I'm exploring the option of DJing at another bar in town on Saturday nights.
4. Getting Back to Normal From My Trip - It was an exhausting trip, and I needed a few days to recoop.
3. Health - I'm getting back into the swing of working out. This means biking/walking more to/from work, lifting, going for walks, and going to the pool. No, you still won't catch me out for a run.
2. Health II - I've also trying to eat healthier (starting when I got back from NJ). Most of my breakfasts laately have been 2 bananas and water. Lunch has been Subway, Pot Belly's or Jimmy John's... no mayo, no ranch, no cheese. Dinner each night has been pasta w/ tomato & basil sauce and corn on the side. Snacks have been chips and salsa, granted neither one of those is too healthy, but neither one is too unhealthy.
1. Flying - Uh oh, I'm getting the flying itch again. I even started getting back into my flight simulator, which is a very accurate representation of the flying process. Are more lessons in the future? We'll see.

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