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November 28, 2006

Youtube Pays Off for CBS

Not long ago it seemed as though networks and professional sports leagues were all trying to get their content off of Youtube, citing copyright infringement. Now, CBS is the latest large corporation to find success using Youtube as an advertising outlet.

Once you find CBS' channel (which is actually easier said than done as it doesn't appear immediately on the "channel" page and I had to actually snoop around for it), you might notice that it looks a lot like any well designed myspace page. The site, which is extremely well branded and laid out, features video clips from CBS' properties.

According to this earlier report, however, CBS will in fact take advantage of youtube's advanced content reporting system and will more than likely attempt to get any videos uploaded by general youtube users removed or transferred. This is because CBS shares advertising revenue with youtube whenever one of their videos is watched. Another option mentioned is transferring the clip to CBS' channel, which would preserve whatever the user captured as well as providing CBS with ad revenue. This is a much better idea than simply removing the video because while CBS does have clips of its most popular shows, nobody can really ever guess where viral videos are going to come from.

It seems to be a success - the clip below is one of youtube's top 25 most viewed, coming in with about 1.6 million viewers for the month.

The only question I have for CBS is why their content isn't more readily avaliable - maybe this is a youtube issue even moreso, but why is CBS' channel not listed on the "channels" page. It's not entirely a bad thing - by not playing favorites with CBS over any other user, you're promoting this sense of community, but at the same time, the CBS channel has some of the most content and still isn't really avaliable unless you're actually looking for it or viewing one of their videos.

Posted by moday at November 28, 2006 10:36 AM


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