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December 03, 2006

Create your own Social Network!

In today's world, large, power-house social networking sites such as MySpace, Facebook, and YouTube appear as the be-all end-alls of the industry. However, some users beg to differ. Derek Simmons explains in the article There's Not Enough "Me" In MySpace that he has been trying to promote his music videos on MySpace and YouTube, but the sites don't allow him enough customization options. Derek switched over to ning.com which allows him more control and options in designing the site. Since his creation of the site a mere two weeks ago, he has received a whopping 12,000 hits. He is much more pleased with the abilities of ning and states "It's a-l-l-l-l me".


Ning and other similar sites such as PeopleAggregator and Multiply branch out and better suit their consumers' needs. They provide a specific service targeting a specific niche. Ning allows individuals to either join an existing network or users can create their own custom network which they can set as public or private depending on the goal of their site. Karaoke and Photography are some of the topic-focuses of these social networking sites, and they are even as interesting as Dogster which is a canine site.

This niche specific startegy is very interesting because the sites target a significantly smaller amount of individuals. The essence of the social networking site is that it connects one to many different people; without a sufficient customer base, the sites will cease to exist. So the real question here is: Will these smaller sites gain enough market share to operate effectively? The general attitude these new sites ought to take must be to promote building and developing relationships with existing friends. The must steer away from the tradition mindsets of MySpace and Facebook which seem to encourage QUANTITY of friends as opposed to quality.

Posted by akmanie at December 3, 2006 07:40 PM


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