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December 10, 2006

Facebook Expanding to Corporate Social Networking

In April of this year, facebook expanded its social network to include several corporations. According to an article , they began with ten companies and one non-profit organization: Accenture, Amazon, Apple, EA, Gap, Intel, Intuit, Microsoft, Pepsi, PWC, and Teach for America. The facebook is using a method similar to when they first created the site for students where they only have it for a couple of companies first, then once people here about it and start talking about it they open it up to more and more people until just about everybody has it. They call this the "staggered rollout strategy". They also chose to start with leading companies from several different industries rather than just one, as well as companies that typically hire the best and brightest graduates.

The facebook is hoping for as great a success with this audience as students. However, it is doubtful that it will be since professionals tend to have fewer peers as college students, as well as less time spent socializing. It is also important that facebook try to keep the corporate branch as separate from the college branch as possible so that college students won't constantly be receiving messages from creepy old men. This exclusivity is one of the things that used to set facebook apart from things like myspace, and opening it up to the corporate sector may make some people lose interest in continuing to use it.

Posted by amweibel at December 10, 2006 06:40 PM


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