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December 10, 2006

Marketers Create Social Networking Sites

Marketers have begun to realize that it is important for consumers to actually be able to be involved in their companies. Inspired by the success of sites like myspace, many companies have created their own social networking sites. Most of these sites allow consumers to share stories and opinions about their product/service.
According to an article on USATODAY.com , one example of these sites is Mycoke.com, where consumers can talk write about their favorite bands, listen to and play with music, watch videos, and get points that can be used towards Coke products. Some other examples are the USA network's where viewers can show their own "character", Nike's where sports enthusiasts can chat about sports, particularly soccer, Kohl's where people can talk about their passions, Kodak's where customers can create their own commercials, and HSBC where people can talk about news events. Basically all these sites are trying to spark interest in their product by providing a place for consumers to talk about things they're passionate about while being exposed to the brand's name. This is a great plan in theory, but one major issue is how the company monitors the site. It is very easy for people who dislike the company or product for one reason or another to come on the site and post negative comments which can then get circulated around the internet. Therefor, many of these companies strictly monitor what gets put on their site, but if they monitor too severely it can appear as though their product truly is inferior and that they are just trying to cover it up. This issue must be dealt with very carefully in order to have a strong marketing campaign.

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