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November 29, 2007

Situation ID Challenge Thoughts

As my group was trying to determine our situations of fork, properties of fork (plural), and property's of fork (possessive), several things came to mind. It seems that for all of the situations of a fork we were able to develop, they all fell into one of three categories: either as a utensil, an accessory (decoration or functional as in a hair tie), or as a tool not used for eating (for digging, perhaps). But even as I write this post, the overlap and need for clarification between all three becomes relevant. Even the classifications of tool and utensil are overlapping, since a utensil is a type of tool. Even so, I found that the best clarification were the 3 that I laid out before. Within each subcategory, there are numerous variations of a 'fork.' Example: For the utensil clarification, there is entire section of the wiki article on forks that gives over 20 examples of different classifications of forks used for eating. In addition to that, the disambiguation page for forks also has other listings of situations of forks, but the overall idea is that they all fall into one of the main categories I laid out before.

The properties of a fork (both plural and possessive) seem to originate from the different situations of a fork.

More to come on this idea after next Monday's class.

Posted by ndjames at November 29, 2007 04:30 PM


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