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December 17, 2007

2D Map

I'm finally posting my 2D map that goes along with my 3D map of 'The Lightning is a Yellow Fork.' What this 2D map represents is the 2nd highest layer that my 3D map showed, the transition from the earth to the nebula, from something tangible to the (almost) intangible. This was represented in the 3D map as going from the nebula, to a system of nebula's. I liked the idea of layers, and this seemed to be the most basic framework for the layering system which I set up in my 3D map.

Posted by ndjames at December 17, 2007 12:14 PM


I appreciate what you attempt to convey here.

An aspect of the rationale my making often manifests as systems of layering systems. I am interested in the false or displayed apparent layering of gravitational lenses, the aesthetic and imaginative potential of the multiverse as layers of universes, universes on widely different scales, positioned in any possible position rather than thinking confined to a system of "parallel" universes. Layers of branes, and so forth.

If you ever have or want the opportunity to examine my video poam "Bubbling" closely (and in higher res than the you tube version (a high res version is on iTunes in the limited fork podcast, and this link will take you to another location of the high res version: http://www-personal.umich.edu/~thyliasm/limitedfork/Bubbling%20Basket%20poam.m4v); if you examine this poam closely, you might be able to discern and differentiate fairly accurately the 40+ layers of the 69MB hosted version (my project file was 15GB, compressed to 69MB for the web-hosted high-res version, 4MG for the low-res);

40+ layers on different scales, systems containing and contained by other systems, many moving in different directions, some apparently heading toward increased stability, others apparently heading toward diminished stability, toward instability.

There are image-based visual,text-based visual, sonic, and implied textural systems, the "egg" used as a metaphor for growth-potential from the interior, growth that may require fragmentation of the growth location, the fragments suggesting seeds or material for subsequent regroupings as aggregates of particles from multiples fragmenting systems form.

Though compressed into a single landscape in order to inhabit the flatness of the video space, the layers are not necessarily occupying a single plane or the same plane.

Nor is the motion necessarily synchronized; whatever simultaneity may be perceived by an observer may be only a perceptual phenomenon; time is consistent with the time scale enclosure system that prevails in each location of each layer.

Or, an observer could just watch a video poam, without any of what I was investigating mattering, and that would be fine

for I have no proof of significance which itself is a human-constructed system of enclosure.

Posted by: thyliasm at December 21, 2007 11:10 PM

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