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January 17, 2013

Healing the Common Cold

Inspired by the success of the previous entry about holistic approaches to healing cancer, I have decided to compile a list of various methods that have helped me heal from the common cold over the past year. This list will be updated with future findings.

These are all approaches that have worked for me. There are various studies about them but thus far have often been shunned by modern medicine as ridiculous because there isn’t pure scientific backing. I have lately been inspired by the realization that science is simply the quest for answers so even though there may be no formal answers yet, individual successes can help propel the world of alternative medicine into the right direction. I can attest to the following modalities' benefits and hopefully they can help others too.

1) Working on increasing my body’s pH level. One's body functions optimally in a slightly alkaline (high pH) environment and eating and drinking items with high pH's can help one achieve this optimal environment. Note that pH is a logarithmic scale so having something with very low pH (ex. soda) can drastically lower one's pH (which is bad). More information can be found on the following website: http://www.trans4mind.com/nutrition/pH.html

2) Massaging the indentation between one’s thumb and pointer finger. This extremely easy strategy is surprisingly effective in making you feel better. Try it and you should notice relieve within a minute of the massage. It will feel tender at first but that’s fine. As you continue to massage the area later, the tenderness will fade and you will feel much better.

3) Acupressure. Everything is energy, including the tension that causes headaches and other such sores. One way to relive this tension is through acupressure. The idea is that the tension is blocked energy and by simply applying pressure, one can feel better by distributing this blocked energy throughout the body. Some information can be found about acupressure in the following video: http://video.answers.com/acupuncture-basics-149444449

4) Journaling. Simply by writing down what I am feeling, I am more in tune with my body and am able to heal more effectively.

5) Talking about what’s bothering you. I have learned that sickness is correlated to a specific problem. In my case, I got sore throats really often until I realized what I believe to be the true cause of the problem: not speaking. Each different ailment corresponds to something unique: a sore throat relates to not speaking, an earache relates to not wanting to hear something, etc.

6) Eating green bell peppers. I don’t know why this helped, but I felt a direct correlation between eating these peppers and feeling better immediately afterward, twice.

Hopefully some of these techniques will help others out there. They may sound farfetched, but I am just reporting what worked for me. Good luck! Please leave a comment below letting me know if any of these techniques worked for you.

Posted by noamz at January 17, 2013 07:39 PM


Just to add, when you have a common cold, it is also best that you drink lots of water just to rehydrate yourself.

Posted by: acupuncturetoronto@gmail.com at March 21, 2013 09:09 AM

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