May 15, 2012

Holistic Approaches To Healing Cancer

By Noam Zimet

My greatest wish is that I would have been able to write this essay from the standpoint of a success story, that firsthand examples from my experience with cancer could showcase the benefits of holistic methods of healing the disease. Tragically, this wish was not granted; my father died from brain cancer despite receiving both conventional and alternative therapies.

As I sit writing this essay one week shy of the third anniversary of his passing, the rain mirrors my tears as I am reminded of his absence, that he is no longer here with me to read, play Ping-Pong, or even just sit and talk. The rain also signifies something more hopeful though. It cleanses the earth, giving it the sustenance it needs for its inhabitants to grow and flourish. Similarly, my tears have cleansed me, allowing me to mature and develop a sensitivity for the preciousness of human life. They have inspired me to share the knowledge that my family gained during my father’s struggle with cancer so other patients and their families can benefit in a way that I wish he could have.

Many studies indicate that the cancer cure rate could be significantly improved by looking beyond the narrow scope of the conventional cancer treatments of chemotherapy and radiation. When my father was diagnosed with cancer, his oncologists advocated these two approaches without ever mentioning the availability of alternative modalities, dire advice when the prognosis for his cancer through surgery, chemotherapy and radiation was less than 10%.

Refusing to rely solely on recommendations with such low success rates, our family began the time-intensive process of scouring the libraries and Internet to learn whether other options were available. One particularly helpful resource was Outsmart Your Cancer by Tanya Pierce. Like my family, she was disheartened that conventional cancer treatments did not offer her relative a strong likelihood of survival. Her research into holistic treatments that are safe, nontoxic, long-term cures for cancer became the basis for this comprehensive book of nearly 20 proven treatments and accompanying case studies.

Inspired by the possibility of increasing his chance of survival, my father began supplementing the prescribed chemotherapy and radiation with several modalities mentioned in the book. He purchased a Rife Machine, which is an incredible device that can determine the precise electromagnetic frequencies of many diseases and types of cancer. The machine then emits matching electromagnetic waves via water through the patient’s body, a process that is capable of destroying the tumor or other abnormal cells.

Typical evenings became characterized by this treatment, as my father would sit in the family room soaking his feet in the Rife Machine water bath. Incredibly, he happened to have psoriasis with the same frequency pattern as his cancer. We were able to witness the Rife Machine’s benefits firsthand as his psoriasis disappeared on the outside of his body, presumably in direct correlation to his cancer’s disappearance on the inside.

Alternative treatments like the Rife Machine have also benefited countless other people. One particularly inspiring example is that of James “Rhio” O'Connor, who was told by his doctors he had just one year to live after being diagnosed with mesothelioma, a type of lung cancer which is considered by doctors to be incurable. Rather than surrender to this hopeless verdict, Rhio realized the importance of addressing the root causes of cancer rather than simply treating the symptoms, and courageously chose a holistic route to healing cancer. By becoming vegetarian, adding more vitamins and minerals to his diet, and recognizing the relationship between the mind and body in causing and healing disease, Rhio was able to outlive his prognosis by an astounding six years.

Sadly, success stories such as Rhio’s and my father’s experience using the Rife Machine are typically discredited as anomalies by conventional oncologists. In light of continually increasing rates of cancer, it is vital to change this attitude and further investigate their therapeutic value to cancer patients. Although there is an extraordinary worldwide effort to cure cancer, the research is almost exclusively directed toward conventional approaches. Perhaps if the billions of dollars raised for further research of chemotherapy and radiation were also allocated towards holistic approaches, the cure might not be so elusive and cancer rates would finally begin to dramatically decrease.

I have a dream that practitioners will become open to exploring the many benefits of alternative medicine and start recommending them to patients like my dad who rely on their expert opinions and encouragement.

In the meantime, it is imperative for us all to expand our own knowledge of alternative medications in case, as happened with my father, the full breadth of options are not offered to us or our loved ones. I decided to read Outsmart Your Cancer myself, eager to learn more about the amazing, yet relatively unknown, modalities to healing cancer. One method that stood out to me was the Budwig Diet, a strikingly simple way to cure one of the root causes of cancer: a deficiency in essential fatty acids (EFAs) like omega-3 fatty acids. The Budwig Diet calls for the patient to simply eat a cup of cottage cheese mixed with flax seed oil, a food that is especially high in EFAs, which are effectively absorbed by the body when mixed with the sulfur-based proteins of cottage cheese.

The Budwig Diet’s biggest advantage is its simplicity. In contrast to the physically and emotionally draining therapy of chemotherapy and radiation, eating a serving of cottage cheese a day is easy and, even more importantly, completely safe. An additional benefit is that this treatment can be administered each day -as there are no adverse health effects- in direct contrast to chemotherapy and radiation, whose uses are limited by their toxicity. This allows patients following the Budwig Diet to continually replenish their bodies with the needed acids to prevent the cancer from ever returning.

While the aforementioned alternative modalities may not be perfect, and while none of them fully cured my father of his cancer, one thing remains clear: chemotherapy and radiation didn’t either. Considering the abysmal single digit success rate for treating brain cancer and the significant deterioration these treatments cause to a patient’s health and quality of life, it is time to move past the flawed conventional wisdom of solely administering these injurious treatments.

Through conversation and essays like this, I am committed to increasing public awareness of the many options for healing cancer so patients can be properly informed and given the opportunity to choose the approach that best addresses their needs. I envision a world without this killer disease; a world where no other children’s parents will be prematurely taken from them; a world where success stories are the norm, not the exception.

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