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November 19, 2008

Cowboys owner says suspended Jones reinstated by NFL

Howdy NFL Nation!

So I'm on break at work, and I figured I'd browse through the latest NFL headlines. To my disbelief, I come upon an article whose first line read, "The NFL is giving Adam "Pacman" Jones another chance." I asked myself, "How many chances are they going to give this moron?" I mean, Adam Jones has demonstrated that he poses more of a threat to society than he poses as a defender on the football field. Since 2005, this hooligan has been found guilty of assault, vandalism, disorderly conduct, public intoxication, misdemeanor assault, obstruction of justice, marijuana possession, and two felonies stemming from his connection to a Last Vegas strip club shootout. If committing crimes becomes a sport, Adam Jones will surely be the most valuable player in that league. I can't understand how a person with millions of dollars has nothing better to do than to commit crimes!

" Above: Adam Jones in court for his connection to a Feb 2007 shooting at a Las Vegas Strip club

I hope you guys understand why I am enraged that the NFL is letting Jones play again. This latest alcohol-related scuffle at the Dallas hotel should have been the LAST STRIKE for Mr. Jones, or should I say, the boy who cried wolf? It seems that this guy breaks the law every single day and that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell lets him go each time with a one-game suspension! Mr. Goodell needs to revoke Adam Jones' reinstatement and expel him from the league. Verily, that will be a good first step in restoring the NFL's positive image.

Posted by nqadri at November 19, 2008 09:59 PM


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