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November 23, 2008

Playoff Predictions--Part 1--AFC

Hello NFL Nation!

Week 12 is OVER, and with just four weeks left in the season, it's time for some playoff predictions. Let's take a look at the current NFL standings after Week 12. In this two part blog, I will give you my playoff predictions for both the AFC and the NFC. Let's start with the AFC!

Here are my AFC Playoff Predictions:

AFC Division Champions:

AFC East- New York Jets (8-3)

Jets look like serious contenders. They have split the series between the Patriots, and they average a NFL's 2nd best 29.4 points per game. Led by veteran Brett Favre, the Jets' offense is nothing short of SCARY. Look for this team to dominate down the stretch and be a force to be reckoned with in the playoffs. They say the best defense is a good offense. Look no further than the NY Jets!

AFC North- Pittsburgh Steelers (8-3)

Now, this is a close one. The Steelers have already beat the next the next best team in their division, the Ravens (7-4). But, their next three opponents are a combined 21-12. I still think they can get it done with their number 1 ranked defense and home-field advantage. Keep an eye out on Week 15's matchup between the Steelers and Ravens.

AFC South- Tennessee Titans (10-1)

At 10-1, do we really need to discuss this team? They will be in the postseason, and their stout defense and great running game will pose challenges to opposing defenses.

AFC West Team- San Diego Chargers (4-7)

With the Broncos up two games on the Chargers, this one's not over yet. If the Broncos keep losing to teams like the Raiders, who are 3-8, the Chargers will have a legitimate shot at the division title. I recognize that the Chargers' defense is in disarray after the firing of Defensive Coordinator Ted Cottrell, but I think that their offense, led by Phil Rivers and two-time MVP Ladainian Tomlinson, can carry them into the postseason. Also, I have an impressive statistic for you: the last 4 games by a combined 10 points! So, if the Chargers hang in their in the fourth quarter, they will be fine.

AFC Wild Card Predictions:

1. Indianapolis Colts (7-4)

How about the Colts? They are HOT right now. On a 4 game winning streak, their next 5 games feature two teams, the Bengals and Lions, who are 2-20-1! There is no way these guys won't be in the postseason, and with Manning returning to pro bowl form in the last few weeks, they should be able to win a few playoff games.

2. New England Patriots (7-4)

Matt Cassell > Tom Brady?

With the way Cassell has been playing, it can be argued that this team is the same team they were last year. If Cassell keeps up his play and the Patriots get their injured players back quickly, this team will do some serious damage in the playoffs. Upsets? You better believe it.

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