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November 24, 2008

Playoff Predictions--Part 2--NFC

Hey guys,

As promised, here are my NFC Playoff Predictions. Take a look at the current NFL standings before you continue!

NFC Division Champions:

NFC East- New York Giants (10-1)

At 10-1, the Giants have the best record in the league and not by chance. They are the best team in football. They lead the league in rushing yards per game and points per game, and it wouldn't be smart to bet against the defending champs. Unless Eli Manning gets hurt badly, this team should be in the Super Bowl.

NFC North- Minnesota Vikings (6-5)

If the Vikings can establish their running game with sophomore MVP candidate Adrian Peterson, there is no stopping the Vikings' offense. While they are currently second in their division behind the 6-5 Chicago Bears, they both have the same record. The upcoming weekend's matchup between these teams will likely determine the division champion. Look for Gus Frerrote to step up at QB and deliver a sufficient performance in front of his home crowd.

NFC South- Carolina Panthers (8-3)

This is the best division in football. With two teams at 8-3 and one team at 7-4, this is also the tightest division in the NFL. Down the stretch, I see the Carolina Panthers with the divisional crown. The Bucs face divisional opponents in their next few games, which will present difficulties for them down the stretch. Also, veterans Jake Delhomme and Steve Smith have been playing together for years now, and they already one a championship.

NFC West- Arizona Cardinals (7-4)

It is not mathematically possible for any other team in this division to win the division at this point in the season. The next best team in this division is the San Francisco 49ers, and they are 3-8. This is not a prediction. The Cards are already division champions!

NFC Wild Card Predictions:

1. Tampa Bay Bucaneers (8-3)

An experienced, resilient defense combined with a smashmouth running game...these guys will be tough to beat in the first round.

2. Dallas Cowboys (7-4)

With Tony Romo back, this team is quite possibly the most dangerous team in the NFL. While they will barely make the playoffs, they will surely make a run for the NFC Championship!

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