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March 15, 2006

What if I told you I could show you something?

So this week I decided to make my shirts match my vitamin waters. Call me what you will, but it is definitely easier this way. Yesterday it was an accident, i happened to wear pink and grab a pink vitamin water. Then I looked in my fridge and saw red, and remembered that I have a sweet red shirt that matches. That was the point of epiphany. I have purple, orange and undecided left to go. That's because I only have 2 left, so I can go buy a third one (because I love vitamin water anyway) and I get to pick whichever color (flavor) I want. It's fun.

Jarhead is an intensely emotional movie. But you wouldn't know it from the looks of it. Both times I watched it, I was left with this overwhelming emotion, I can't even describe it. It's a powerful statement of war, at least to me. Mostly, it is because the movie provided no catharsis of emotion to the audience. Yes, that is straight from the mouth of Dallacqua. Gotta love AP English 12 lol. Anyway, the fact that you have all that leftover emotion from just watching the movie really hits home about how people like Swoff must have felt in actually going to war. Like I said, Intense. I liked it better this time. Could it be.. nevermind, I am going to refrain from the catty comments. But, I will say that the audience you view with definitely makes or breaks a movie like that.

My new favorite bands are Tally Hall and The Postal Service. Too bad the postal service isn't a band at all anymore, I really like em. hmm, i should go on pandora and find more bands like that. www.pandora.com is the sweetest site, my thanks go out to Karen for introducin' me to that one. lol, I sound like a DJ. Tally Hall is also a good band, I'm goin to see them on April 8 (woohoooo). It will be a good time.

Well I guess this entry had no point, I just thought it was cool that I was matching my shirt to my water bottle. Why the hell not? But people keep making fun of me, so oh well. I'm gonna do it anyway.

~peace and love

Posted by paulsona at March 15, 2006 12:57 AM


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