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April 17, 2006

easter weekend

i hope everyone else had a good easter weekend, i sure did!.. i started talking to my dear friend brittany more / again and we hung out this weekend so that was funn.. my sister came home too so i got to see her, we switched jewelry :) hers is so pretty i feel fancy wearing it. haha i told her dunkaroos exist so she didn't find any at the store but she bought teddy grahams and frosting and we ate those instead. just as good. i heart my sister. and i got to see all my family members and what not. good times.

down side, i have four finals starting tomorrow and i got next to no studying done. thanks to calc 3 web homework that decided to rape my mind. ohhhh well this is my break from studying cuz my hand hurts from writing so many note cards. how pitiful is that. oh well, i'm gonna get a good grade, bitch. yeah, that's right. soooooo i'm gonna go study some more...

peace and love ~

Posted by paulsona at April 17, 2006 09:29 PM


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