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April 03, 2006

It's April!!

You know how the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers!

yeah... except now i have to sit through a rainy april with no company except my mean old chemistry book. man, do i hate that class!
all i have to do is get through 25 more days. And then it'll be over. Really, all i have to get through is 12 more days, and then it's finals. 12 more stinking days of this crap. 12 hell days, then finals, and i'm done. i can do it!!!!!

i'm gonna fail at life this semester. i pretty much already have in soooo many more ways then i like to think about. fuck it. it's college right, shit's supposed to change now. i hope that for next year, i learn how to study good tho, so i wont at least fail that area.

ahhhhh i am going to drop out of engineering. what should i do instead?? biology, microbiology, biochemistry, pharmacy, ughh so many choices. for right now, i will focus on what my fourth class should be for next semester.

in other news, i got a job! woohooo andit's perfect hours: 12-5 monday through friday. the only bad part is i have to drive to a-squared every day. but that shouldn't matter with my ten bucks an hour!! yess. i'm pumped.

ok, so pointless entries are stupid but, look at it this way: another glorious five minutes that i didn't study chemistry.

Posted by paulsona at April 3, 2006 11:20 AM


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