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May 17, 2006

my life is a mess!!!

and by life, i mean my room. and house. and car. but that's it.

i'm going to cali in a week!!!!!!!!!!

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May 06, 2006


mother fuckerrrrrrrrrr

i hate livonia

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May 02, 2006


fuck sore throats and headaches and michigan weather and allergies and being back in livonia and hour and a half long commutes and ex boyfriends and boys in general and friends who suck cuz they don't call you and friends who suck cuz they aren't in miserable livonia with me and abuse of antibiotics and bacteria in general and being poor and being home alone on a rainy day.

ok, it felt good to bitch... here are some things i need / want to spend my money on:

camera cord

not gas, but i have to..
food, beer and good times
a tattoo
a new camera
new hair straightener
hair do

ummm that's all for now. i'll go back to being bored out of my mind or cleaning my room, same difference i suppose.

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