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June 25, 2006

oh. god.

soo hungover. and embarassed. sorry for being a fool, if any of you read this.....

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June 21, 2006


tielerh11: OMG DARA
tielerh11: GO BLUE

dara got into U of M business school!! i'm so excited. you fucking rock, dude. congrats.

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June 18, 2006

life goals

*take lysergic acid diethylamide and watch The Wizard of Oz with the sound off while listening to Pink Floyd's album Dark Side of the Moon

*buy a seventy dollar pair of jeans

*visit the four corners of the united states, continental and otherwise (i've visted 2/4 or 2/6 depending how you look at it)

*live in a big city, preferably in a flat or penthouse, whatever the apartment is where it's the entire top floor of the structure

*live in another country, on another continent, for at least a year

*live in toronto

*live in california

*be rich

*have a marriage that lasts the entire rest of my life

*raise my kids well

*go to israel, algeria, egypt and greece

*go to germany to see the castles

*more to come

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if it wasn't so big brotherish, i would be all for a journal that was mmind-controlled. cuz i always think of absolutely inspired things to write. and forget them by the time i go to write. that's why i'm bad at this journal thing. so i guess i'll just update on what's been going on.

let's see. i went to cali. it was awesome. i'm going to put pictures on facebook. and if you don't have facebook, too bad. i really like northern california. it's beautiful. we went to wineries, the redwoods, a winery in the redwoods, random coastal towns, a beautiful botanical garden, a bridge that served as a sundial (kinda cool), about 800 mexican restaurants (that got old.. real fast), and my cousin's grad party, at which i proceeded to get drunk with my family, and it was fun.

after cali iiiiii worked. they keep giving me more responsibilities, and more hours, so that's cool. i searched for a second job, and i got one at mama vera's haha. workin' at mama v's again. my first and last job in livonia, how fitting. but it will be easy, and it will be cash. hmm i ditched a job at little ceasar's cuz i heard horror stories and it sounded completely not-fun. i hope i get a raise at the UM hosp. cuz then i'll be rollin in the dough.

i went to toronto this weekend and it was SUPER fun. i LOVE big cities and toronto is amazing. i really really liked it. pictures will also be posted on facebook. i saw fallout boy, ahh!

i went to see my dearest roomie hailey w. karen and vania and went garage saling and that was tons of fun too. i've been making lots of plans for the rest of my life but right now i'm feeling pretty stagnant. very routine. i can tell you what will happen in the next three weeks of my life, at least. probably for the rest of the summer.

this monday through thursday, i am going to work nine to five. which means i'll really be gone 8 to 6, which means i have to wake up at 645 monday thru thursday. i am going to sign up for different workout classes for seven or 8 at night monday thru thursday, so that will be my life for the rest of the summer. on friday i'll sleep in, probably do nothing, and then work at mama v's until nine-ish and then probably hang out with brittany or lisa or danny and andrea. they're pretty much my only friends. saturday i'll sleep in again, do nothing again, work at mama v's again, and then probably hang out with the same people. the spree is this week though, so it will be extra-exciting to drive around my neighborhood and past the farmington/lyndon/schoolcraft area. on sunday i will probably do the same thing, hopefully not work, but get paid so i have money for chicago, go to the fireworks, spend the night at andrea's house and leave extra-early for the train station in dearborn. then i'll head to CHICAGOOO which will be extra-fun. so this week, in retrospect, won't be so bad or even uneventful, just predictable. because that's livonia.

next week i'll be enjoying chicago, hopefully affording chicago, and hopefully getting drunk at least one night that week. i'll be home friday afternoon and i'll work friday, saturday and probably sunday at mama vera's and get paid again, which is exciting because i'll get to spend it on gas and other fun things like that.

the week after that will be back to the same old routine, without even the spree to spice it up. however, that thursday night is the free tally hall concert, and then the next friday morning i am (probably) going to madison to see dara. if i don't go that weekend, i have no idea when i will. so maybe that weekend will be fun too. and likewise predictable. after that will be two or three weeks of nothingness, without even dara to spice things up. then i'll head to new jersey for some soul-searching and house-fixing, which will be both uplifting and uber-depressing because i don't believe in organized religion and mostly feel like an outcast until we start singing. after that week it will be back to two or three weeks of nothingness and then i'm moving into my apartment (which i'm uber-excited about) and starting school back up. the apartment i have no money to pay for and the school i ahve no money to buy books, etc.

i get to leave early from work on wednesday, i guess that's exciting. but i guess i mean i feel stagnant because livonia is so motherfucking predictable. i know what i'm doing every single day for the rest of the entire summer. this weekend was uber-fun because i spent a lot of money i shouldn't have and it was all completely spontaneous. i hate this town. i even have every single cent i'm going to make pre-budgeted because ann arbor is quite an expensive place to live and direct loans are given to the school, which doesn't give them to you until christmas break.

i bet you a boy would make things exciting. spice things up a bit. or some good, old fashioned drama. but i don't want drama in chicago cuz i'll be trapped there and that won't be fun. but i could use a good bitching and i'd love to vent some steam at a few choice people. or anyone in general. i'd like to get pissed about something, have something to think about or whatever. is that too much to ask? i can't wait for next schoolyear. goodbye livonia, forever except holidays and holidays. yes. pure, ann-arbory heaven.

down the line lyrics. this is about livonia:

Jenny's a star when she works at the bar
she's their reason to drink
wears a short skirt and she's willing to flirt
she won't get out of here

Tommy's a star when he plays his guitar
has his pick of the room
works at the door 'cause his band's not on tour
he won't get out of here

Not a bad place, just the same place
I'm out the door
Last call, no more

Nancy's the first to scream out the verse
every weekend's the same
drinks at the bar and loses the keys to her car
she won't get out of here

Not a bad place, just the same place
I'm out the door
Last call, no more

I go to that bar to hear Tommy's guitar
Jenny smiles at me
but I stand all alone so I won't feel at home
I'm getting out of here

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