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December 02, 2008

Can't Go Outside

I Can't Go Outside:

This article addresses violence in Chicago, Little Village to be exact. This is where my family and I live, where a young child claim can be “a prisoner in her own home.” The article speaks to an 11-year-old girl who is told that this world does not welcome her; instead it threatens to take her life, day in and day out.

I am aware that violence is so powerful because of the weapons and attitudes associated, but the idea that children’s imaginations do not run wild with fairy tales and knowledge, instead blood and fatality, is repulsive. Not only does violence threaten the body, but it also affects the mind. According to the article, children lose focus in school with the constant fear of death. Additionally, it is natural for children to learn how to interact with others, but with so much fear lurking, they are not able to learn about social interaction. This injustice must end.

When children’s biggest fear becomes violence and death, it is time for society to intervene. When did we lose sight of what our purpose is in the world? As members of society it is our job to unite forces, to show the power of the masses, and stand up for our rights and safety. This does not necessarily mean that we fight back with anger and vengeance in mind; on the contrary, we should attempt to be more welcoming and loving in order to arrest violent thoughts and actions. As I mentioned before, belonging (or a lack thereof) is at the root of most gang affiliation and violence.

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