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December 05, 2008

High School Violence

An Inner-City Perspective on High School Violence written by Evelyn Nieves:


I truly believe that violence does not just happen, something in people’s lives sparks a mental or physical reaction. We are all inherently good, so why then does violence become a part of our everyday lives?

In “An Inner-City Perspective on High School Violence”, the children Hoover High School have been labeled and dismissed as a violent atmosphere where deaths and fights are unavoidable. The writer describes Hoover as a school “saddled with a reputation for being troubled and potentially dangerous.” According to sociological studies, labeling a group or person can often pave the way for negative self-evaluations and actions.

Labeling Theory:


Negative preconceived notions can affect the way individuals behave. In many cases, such as Hoover high school, people do not necessarily think of their community as bad, because the violence becomes a normal occurrence. In Hoover high school, the students have learned to work around the problems and cooperate to better their community and self worth.

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