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December 05, 2008

Violence in Jamaica

Jamaica: Gang and Police Violence in the Inner-Cities


“Genuine security depends on respect for human rights.”

This quote is from Jamaica: Gang and Police Violence in the Inner Cities, which addresses the issues in Jamaica regarding daily deaths, murders, and disasters. Gang affiliation is tearing apart communities while local police officials only intensify problem by increasing the level of violence.

Throughout the text, pictures are shown of communities attempting to clearly outline their expectations of “No Guns” and “One Love”. Violence does not only affect those directly involved, in most cases, it involves innocent people attempting to solve the problem.

Everyone has obstacles to overcome, but when one finds himself struggling stay alive, it is time for a change. In Jamaica, security seems unattainable because of the negative feelings towards local citizens. It is disheartening to think that even those assigned to protect pass judgment and fail to give everyone the basic human right of life in a place where violence is lurking at every corner.

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