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December 01, 2008

Youth Gangs and Violence

Youth Gangs and Violence:

While browsing the web, I fell upon a very informative article that outlines the potential motives for joining violence affiliated groups, such as gangs. In Youth Gangs and Violence, the author states, “Some are seeking excitement; others are looking for prestige, protection, a chance to make money, or a sense of belonging.” What does this mean? What can possibly be causing this lack of self-esteem or belonging?

I believe that gang affiliation may be partially due to poor family involvement or interaction. Without a supportive family in children’s lives, it is very possible for them to look elsewhere for the support system they long for. If we take a close look we can see that gangs, as horrible as they are, seemingly posses the characteristics of a family: financial, emotional, and physical protection. The problem lies in the means for acquiring all three traits.

As disappointing as it sounds, gangs have become a big problem in small communities, such as my own. In order to fix the problem, we can make support groups more accessible and welcoming. With a feeling of belonging comes higher self-esteem and satisfaction with one’s life, thus, eliminating some of the motives for joining a gang.

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