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October 25, 2007

Facility Wants to Destroy Athletic Department: Due to Michigan's Atrocious Economy

An article was written in the Michigan Daily and can be seen on this website: http://media.www.michigandaily.com/media/storage/paper851/news/2007/10/23/UAdministration/Assembly.Calls.For.Athletic.Reforms-3049805.shtml

With the Michigan economy in one of the worst financial situations in recent times, the University of Michigan has been thinking of ways to resolve the problems of rising tuition costs. One of their ideas is to reform the athletic department, which means that the athletic department would have to give more money to the University. The Michigan athletic department attributes it success to the fact that it was the first athletic program to be separated from the universities budget. Since the athletic department is separate, all the revenue that is made in the athlete department can stay within the department. Bill Martin, the athletic director, says that the athletic department donates a generous portion of the profits back to the school; however, the Senate Assembly wants the athletic department to be a sub-group of the university, so it can benefit from the athletic departments profits. The Senate Assembly (composed of facility members) points out Vanderbilt as a school that has done this recently and also has been relatively successful. The fact is Michigan has a strong tradition of being the ‚ÄúLeaders and Best,‚Ä? while Vanderbilt is consistently at the bottom of the South-Eastern Conference in the majority of sports.
I strongly disagree with what the facility members have proposed. The athletic and academic money should remain separate. I believe if we combined the two our tradition of being a powerhouse athletic university would suffer. The reasons why 110,000 students come to the Big House on Saturdays stems from the fact that the athletic department became independent of the University many decades ago.

Posted by shaunpw at October 25, 2007 01:19 PM