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October 26, 2006

Term Project Blog 3: Smart phones for casual users

Treo recently released a New Form of its very popular business phone, the Treo 680. This phone is a smaller, sleeker, simpler design than the previous treos, and is aimed for younger/more casual users, rather than the common business professional users of the Treo 700. The most notable changes include the various phone colors, such as red, orange, and white; it also excludes the antenna that previous models had. Treo hasn't decided which wireless company it will sell the phone to, although it would have to be T. Mobile or Cingular, as the phone only works with G.S.M networks. The phone has a battery life of 300 hours standby, or 4 hours talk time. It also has the same capabilities as the more "professional" treos that currently are on the market, such as bluetooth, an SD memory card slot, and infrared wireless technology. The treo can also update calanders and contact information from both PCs and MACs. Other than the major physical changes, the phone remains very similar to the Treo 700 models, with the exception of the use of WiFi technology.

The developement of this more visually appealing, smaller smart phone is an indication that phone manufacturers are realizing the potential for a more price efficient business phone for younger users. The ability for smart phones to connect to other devices wirelessly (as well as to WiFi, although these new Treo models are unable to do so) also indicates the trend for phones to perform more an more laptop related tasks. Whatever the case may be, the Treo 680 is likely to break into a new market niche and sell very well.

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