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November 16, 2006

Term Project Blog 6: Yahoo!-Linksys Cordless Phone

“Yahoo!-Linksys launch VoIP Cordless phone,” discusses the joining together of Linksys and Yahoo! Messenger to launch a dual-mode that allows consumers to send and receive Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calls. These are low-cost calls that are made using Yahoo! Messenger with Voice. Calls can be received using the traditional landline/PSTN connection. With the small display on the phone called the CIT310, users scroll through their Yahoo Messenger buddy list and are also able to search for local businesses. The consumer can take calls on the PC or has the option of going into other rooms with the “base station.” The phone can be programmed with a local zip code, making it easy to search for and call any local business or access weather forecasts. The phone currently costs $99.99 and is sold with all items necessary to link it with the computer and the traditional landline/PSTN.

This product could be useful in specific situations and for consumers with specific needs but will not appeal to a broad market. Currently, there are few options for making low-cost long distance or international calls. The CIT310 meets this need, allowing users to simply pick up your cordless home phone and call a relative in another country. It is also nice to have the capability to quickly dial a local business. However, it seems that this feature would be more useful on a cell phone. If you are at home you most likely have access to a phone book and the internet, which can both provide a phone number fairly quickly.

While the CIT310 is useful for someone making frequent long-distance calls, it is not too effective for others. The function allowing users to access their Yahoo! Messenger contacts is not that helpful. It does not seem any simpler than looking up a contact in your cell phone. Additionally, there are many other instant messaging programs besides Yahoo! Messenger. If you do not have Yahoo!, it would be a hassle to set up an additional account. Without Yahoo! Messenger, one of the main purposes of the phone is useless. This phone could be convenient for a limited market. The long-distance calling and phone book options are nice additions to a typical phone and would be good to have on a cell phone. The overall CIT310 is priced to high for the usage that most would get out of it. It will be interesting to see how it does in the market and if manufacturers create a variation of it.

Posted by traceyja at November 16, 2006 07:41 PM


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