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December 02, 2006

Final Entry 2: Developments

The main developments for phones during the semester were in the area of smartphones, the use of WiFi with phones, and the growing use of VoIP.

New phones have greater access to online websites, with some even allowing website users to track buddy locations by their phone. New technology also makes it easier to use your phone to access restaurant and club information wherever you are. As new features are added it presents benefits and risks to privacy. Potentially, people you are not well acquainted with may be able to find your location. With features like EasyReach, smartphone users can even shop using their phone. It saves your payment information and makes the ordering process quick and easy.

Another young, developing technology is the use of Wi-Fi networks as cell phone reception. This technology is not yet reliable, but with companies like Belkin building this technology into their mobile phones, it could one day replace the necessity of paying a monthly fee to a network provider.

Along the development of that technology is the break through in the mobile communications market with the growing use of VoIP. Voice over Internet Protocol is a technology we wrote about previously that allows users to use their internet connection to call other VoIP users. The most interesting aspect of this technology is the possibility of using a Wi-Fi network to make VoIP phone calls – totally eliminating the entire cell phone network business. Currently there is no company publicly pursuing this development, but with the creation of both technologies as we wrote about, it is a definite possibility.

Even in the short span of this semester, several phone developments have occurred. Phones are moving from single purpose devices and becoming more like small computers. With new technology like VoIP and the growing usage of phones as multiple media devices, the entire industry could change in the coming years.

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