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December 02, 2006

Final Entry 1: Interesting Features

Instead of using various different websites when bookmarking, we used a few specific sites. CNN, CNet, Business Week, and Slashdot were the ones we visited most frequently. On CNN it was particularly useful for the second half of the project to find information related to our topic, “cell phones.” This site allows users to search the news for specific topics. Also, as the semester went by we found it easier to find technology-related articles since we had more experience bookmarking.

We did not find any delicious users with our exact interest, so we did not choose to track any specific users or blogs. However, we did find that several other delicious users tagged some of our bookmarks. Articles like, Optimus Keyboard and Web 3.0: Web 3.0- You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet! were bookmarked much more frequently (367 and 250 other people, respectively) than our phone articles. People seem to be much more interested in computer-related technology and interactive websites.

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