June 07, 2010

Laptops Don’t Have to Be Classroom Distraction

U-M faculty is learning how to make laptops work FOR them and their students in the classroom, instead of allowing them to be learning deterrents:

“If you allow laptops in the classroom without a plan for how you’ll use them, you can potentially invite disaster. It’s unlikely that students will be so entranced by class material that they won’t wander off to their favorite social networking sites,” Samson says. “The key is to deliberately engage students through their computers. LectureTools does just that.”

LectureTools is an interactive student response system and teaching module. Instructors at more than 400 colleges and universities have set up accounts to use it.

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Blogging with M-Blog

Well...with all the blogs out there already, I'm going to test the MBlog waters and see what happens. Gonna check it out, see what it looks and acts like, and how I like it.

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