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July 23, 2005

Tsunami December 2004

I happened to be in South India when the Tsunami struck. I was travelling from Chidambaram to Chennai by bus. I was fortunate that I was not in the coastal areas during December 26th and 27th. Though Chennai was badly hit we lived about 40 miles from the nearest beach.

We visited Injambakkam, a fishermen villlage about 4 days after the Tsunami and tried to help out by donating rice. There was very little we could do to help the people who had lost all their belongings and their livelihood.

I have a few pictures that I took during then as a slide show. This clearly does not capture the entire impact of the tsunami but just what I saw in that one village.

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July 22, 2005

Round Three ... China or India?

India - 1.08 Billion
China - 1.3 Billion
Rate of natural increase in population
India - 1.7%
China - 0.6
Projected population in 2025
India - 1.3 Billion
China - 1.4 Billion

Why India can match China?
"The Golden Triangle": The U.S., India & China
Two Systems One Grand Rivalry - The Economist, June 19th 2003 (You have to subscribe for the online edition)
IC Stands for India and China
Its India Above China in New World Order
The Challenge of China and India

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