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March 10, 2006

Device Convergence

Perhaps everyone has wondered about this and perhaps the industry is also working towards this ...But its just taking forever.

Can I not have one device which I can use as my cell phone, PDA and mp3 player ... and yeah that can be within my student budget? Well isnt that what everyone is asking for ...

The closest product that I can think of that does all this is Treo from PalmOne which is still pricy at a hefty $249 (with mail-in rebate, 2 year service contract and all that) and there is a limit on the number of songs you can load etc etc ...

Apple is coming out with an iPod cell combo but still expensive and not on the market yet ...Why is it taking so long to get device convergence. I am sure it is not because of the underlying electronics ... Samsung has been a leader in PDA cell phones they should be able to come up with a product that does all this and more ...

I definitely want to switch from my Samsung SPH 3250 (or something like that) which I got about 4 years ago (yeah I have been milking every dollar I paid back then) but I dont have a good alternative. I guess I should just go for a bare bones cell phone and wait and hope for a medium priced all-in-one device ...

To read a more detailed analysis of device convergence and the options (specialized and converged) out there here are some links:


Posted by vdakshin at March 10, 2006 06:55 PM


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