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March 10, 2006

WDI Internship

Most of today was spent at the n-logue office in Adyar, Chennai.

I started pouring through Jed Emerson's Nature of Returns paper and the REDF SROI methodology paper. I understand at a conceptual level the principle of SROI and the blended measurement framework. However, I am struggling to get anywhere in thinking how to operationlize this framework for telecenter monitoring and evaluation. The objective of this research study is to understand both of these - (i) Telecenter operations monitoring and evaluation (ii) SROI based approach to measuring socio-economic impact (or a blended ROI framework). The more ambitious objective is to identify concrete metrics for SROI by understanding the telecenter models better. The difficult part in this is to understand the context and nature of returns. I know it sounds vague and seems like I am just picking words from Jed's paper but that is exactly the problem as he points it out. There needs to be a consistent vocabulary and measures developed for SROI and blended value measurement.

In this forum, I would also sometimes paraphrase and sometimes quote verbatim words from Emerson's article to emphasize key points. The hope is that it would help clarify my work with the telecenters and prevent this effort from straying too far away from the SROI framework work that has been done.

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