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March 10, 2006

World Bank Data and HDR on Assam

After trying to schedule my visits and coordinate times with Arvindd, I decided to dig deeper into Assam's context. I had data that I had previously downloaded from the World Bank website which had country-wise as well as state-wise data on India. This was data relating to the poverty level and included such information as population, consumer price index, distribution, poverty, rain (i still dont completely understand the connection between rainfall and poverty thought it sort of makes sense that in an agriculture based economy annual rainfall could determine income and poverty levels).

I reviewed the data (which is not in an easily usable format - in dbase file formats and with 6-7 word files that describe what the data is and how it is organized) and tried to understand what portion was relevant to Assam or the telecenter study.

I still have to do some more work on the data to understand it and use it. But at least it made me realize that there is another source (World Bank data) that I could use in understanding the impact of telecenters in Assam.

The HDR from UNDP on Assam also had very useful information that is directly relevant to development efforts in Assam. Reviewing this report, I realized how many people are involved in producing a report like this and what serious consequences it has on the state's current performance, perception and future.

Ah well ... the data is there but I have to make sense of it at somepoint if I have to use it.

Posted by vdakshin at March 10, 2006 06:48 PM


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