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October 18, 2006

Search Tip (3): Blog Searches

What do Bill Gates, Mark Cuban, and Professor Moore have in common? Blogging. Clearly one of the fastest growing “fads” in the IT world, it allows people worldwide and of all demographics to update people on their lives, their businesses, and their opinions.

Blogging has become a way to reach out to numerous people on current events, news, and stories—whether it be friends and family regarding school, shareholders regarding company objectives, the general public about new directives, or even just to voice your opinion. As more and more people begin to subscribe and rely on blogs it is becoming more and more important to conveniently be able to search through databases containing various blog entries.

BlogPulse is one such site which allows you to search and browse the blogging world by keyword, URL, or topic. It allows you to customize searches to meet particular needs, and offers other options to help you customize searches. Blogline Search, Blog Catalog and Feedster all offer similar services. Each site aids in locating blogs of interest using a variety of similar searching techniques.

Figure – This is What BlogPulse Site Looks Like.

All of these blog sites have one major setback: the searches are not as extensive as they could be. Each site does not allow you to search by publisher, and limits you in the detail, criteria, and complexity of each search. While all provide great links and options to search by topic, date, and key word, it is very difficult to find a blog written by a particular person, or with multiple different search criteria. Once again, Google dominates in this regard.

BlogSearch provides the most efficient and effective blog search engine of all. If unable to find anything of interest off of the main site, a simple click on advanced search opens up a whole new organized database. You can search by title, with or without certain words, by date, or author. You can search using a combination of these criterion as well. Searches can even be filtered.

Google’s service is further enhanced by the "preferences" menu. This enables users to customize search criteria and interface languages, to anything from Arabic to Estonian. The user-friendly site makes blog searching convenient, easy to use, and customizable for everyone.

Try it yourself! While spending countless minutes searching the competing blog sites for articles on BIT 200, a simple advanced search on Google Blog Search with the words “Bit 200” and written by “Moore” immediately produce results.

It appears as though once again Google maintains an advantage over its competition. Google’s BlogSearch is efficient, easy to use, and the most comprehensive of all. Have fun Google-Blogging!

Posted by wienma at October 18, 2006 10:41 AM


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